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WOWJeff McVey, proud owner of World Class Painting and Finishes found his love for home renovating and restorations almost 20 years ago, where he first started working on houses part time as summer job in high school. Jeff grew up in Weston, Ma. where he attended The Rivers School in Weston. Growing up in the Metro West Boston area put him in the heart of one of the country's most historically rich areas, where he began learning the trade and studying the craftsmanship that goes into house restoration. After high school, Jeff pursued a degree in architecture at the Pratt Institute School of Architecture in Brooklyn, NY. After college Jeff instinctively returned to his roots.

"I always had such a strong passion for the actual hands on part of the work. There is nothing more satisfying to me than being able to step back from a job and say I built that, or I brought that old finish back to life."

At the early beginning of his career, Jeff worked for a number of local contractors and different companies in the area.

"It was really working for other companies that motivated me to go out on my own. I had a chance to experience first hand how many contractors 'took care' of their clients and employees. I'll never forget when I started working for one company, and it wasn't a little company either, it was one of the bigger, recommended and 'reputable' companies in the area, the foreman told me on my first day 'remember, if you fall off a ladder, you re fired before you hit the ground' I remember he laughed when he said it but he was serious, he was basically telling me that if I was injured on the job, they never heard of me, because they didn't pay into workman compensation. I found many contractors to treat their clients in a similar fashion. More than one time or another I was told to skip parts of processes to save money because that job was underbid or was just taking too long, other times I was told to intentionally skimp on prep so that we would have a reason to come back in a couple of years, laughingly it was called 'job security.' Fortunately I never found a company that was worth sticking around at, I just didn't want to be a part of it any more, I followed my gut, I always knew there was a better way.."

During the winter of 2001 at the age of 24, a very challenging time to venture forth into a new business, Jeff began World Class Painting and Finishes.

As your home is your greatest investment, it is important to choose the proper contractor to showcase and protect it. Whether you need interior or exterior work, World Class Painting and Finishes has the skill and experience to bring out the best in your home.

"Our greatest selling point at World Class Painting and Finishes is that we don't have one, in fact we don't try and sell anything. We offer a service to take care of people, we work really hard to stay true to our values, plain and simple we treat people the way we want to be treated, we do what we say we are going to do, when we are going to do it, and we are great at what we do. The bottom line is we are just honest and hard working, our greatest goal is to simply take care of people and build relationships that last a lifetime."

World Class Exterior Painting

"Excellent work for an excellent price!  World Class has exceeded our expectations each time they have done work for us!  World Class Painting and Finishes is far above excellent compared to contractors we've used in the past.  Jeff is so great to work with, not only would we hire World Class again, we already have!"

-K. Refojo | Wellesley, MA