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After The Service

Our Follow Up and Maintenance Service

We want to make sure the job we've done for you looks its best long after we've finished. It's our goal to make sure our finished product not only looks its best but also to stay in touch with you to make sure you are still as happy as the day we finished. Your home is your greatest investment, and as with any asset there is always necessary maintenance involved, whether its changing the oil in your vehicles, having your yard serviced, or getting yearly checkups at the doctors office, your house should be no different. Minor problems that are spotted early can easily be solved with minimal cost involved, however if left unchecked, can cause serious damage costing many times the amount had it been caught sooner.

Whether we paint your house, build you a deck or simply refinish one, at the end of every job we provide you with a custom maintenance plan specific to the project we completed for you. With our maintenance plan we provide you with courtesy annual inspections to ensure you never have to worry about your house again.


Our Exterior Inspection

Here in New England your house is under constant attack from the full spectrum of elements. We have damaging heat and UV rays from the sun in the summers, serious ice and snow in the winters and constant expansion and contraction of our homes as we go from one season to the next. Out of everything a house has to withstand throughout the changing seasons, water is the most damaging constant element. Whether its ice, rain or humidity, water and moisture that find their way into a home can cause major damage over time to drywall, insulation, interior plaster, interior paint, framing, siding and trim boards. Water that finds its way into your home can also lead to invisible health risks inside your walls in the form of mold and cause serious problems. The most common symptoms of mold exposure include, respiratory problems, skin irritation, coughing, sinus congestion and headaches. The problem is that by the time many of these common issues become visible its already too late, and costly repairs are necessary in order to remedy the situation.

Listed below are just a few of our key areas we cover in our annual inspections.

Paint System Integrity - Analysis & Testing. When it comes to the siding on your home, your exterior paint coating whether its a paint system, stain, or other sealant, is the first and most important line of defense for protecting your home. A proper paint or coating system keeps moisture out, protects against harmful UV rays, reduces energy costs, allows for proper ventilation, and helps make your home systems more efficient. Houses that are improperly painted, or have old faulty paint coatings underneath the latest coating that have never been treated properly will lead to years of trouble and costly recoating.

Joint Inspection. No matter how well constructed a home is, it is in a constant state of either expansion or contraction. The constant movement over time can lead to exterior trim boards and siding joints opening up. Even the the smallest separation in joints can lead to moisture penetrating the walls and if left unchecked over time can eventually rot the area from the inside out. In most cases by the time the problem becomes visible its too late.

Windows & Door Inspection. If you've ever had a water leak in your house, you know from experience that most water comes in around windows and doors and will show up on walls and ceilings as orange and brown water stains. Properly maintained windows and doors keep moisture out, allow for proper water or moisture drainage, and save in energy consumption and cost. A periodic inspection of the joints and seals is a must to ensure these areas are trouble free.

Flashing Inspection. Improper flashing, or improperly maintained flashing can actually divert water into your house or keep it from draining out as intended. A common problem we see all the time is flashing that has been improperly sealed shut either with caulking or paint allowing no room for moisture drainage away from a siding system leading to rot in the area.

Gutter Inspection. Gutter inspections along with scheduled cleaning is a crucial part of home maintenance. Ice dams, poor drainage, flooded basements, and moisture along the foundation are all common problems associated with poor gutter maintenance. A properly maintained cleaning schedule and annual gutter inspection will ensure that these areas are trouble free.

Fascia & Soffit Inspection. Along with gutter inspections, improperly maintained facia and soffit boards can lead to serious water damage. These areas take a beating year to year, if you have gutters that are mounted directly to your fascia boards, these areas are constantly exposed to moisture from rain, snow and ice and are very susceptible to premature paint failure and mold growth. We have see all too often water find its way in behind soffit and fascia boards and run down the wall behind the siding. By the time the water stains are noticed its almost always too late, over the years we have torn out and replaced many rotted fascia and soffit boards and have had to reinstall new gutters, all which adds up to a costly repair compared to the simple preventative maintenance had it been done properly. Along with proper gutter cleaning, these specific areas require annual inspections and frequent recoats to ensure they are trouble free.

Ventilation Inspection. Many times we have seen paint jobs fail because of improper ventilation in the walls or soffits. There are many reasons to cause a house to have improper ventilation, lack of soffit vents through poor design, vents that have been painted shut, too many coats of paint on a house, older houses that have tar paper under the siding all contribute to poor airflow. Even a properly executed paint job is susceptible to failure and peeling if a house has ventilation issues, Peeling paint on siding or trim is often improperly attributed to a poor paint job, and if treated as such will lead to years of problems, when in fact the walls simply don't have adequate ventilation. Properly vented wall and soffit systems allow a house to "breathe", allowing the natural moisture in the air to escape rather than build up and find its way out through the siding. Periodic inspections will ensure your house is trouble free.

Moisture In Your Walls. Along with checking for proper ventilation, we also take a reading of the current moisture content inside your walls. Depending on the reading we can gauge the health of the overall system.

Porches And Decks. Horizontal surfaces such as decks, railings and porches take a serious beating from the elements. Harmful UV rays from sun, standing water from rain, and snow and ice that build up over the winter and traffic and use can wear down even the best coating systems. Annual inspection and a proper recoating schedule for these items is a must, it costs far less to maintain these surfaces than to have to refinish them. Annual inspections and recoats will ensure these areas not only look their best but last as well.

2' and Under Inspection. Along with the entire paint inspection on the outside of your house, we pay extra attention to everything 2 feet high and under around the perimeter of your house. Sprinkler systems, landscaping, snow against the foundation in the winters, hard rains that splash up water, dirt and mulch and low sun penetration all contribute to these areas needing special attention and periodic inspections.

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