Setting The Standard
Who We Are

Our Values

At World Class Painting and Finishes we know that strong families and strong relationships are built with strong values, we believe our actions and not our words explicitly define our character. The following values are that which we hold in the highest regard and are what we strive to exemplify every day. We have included the actual definitions because we feel so many words are thrown around these days in advertising that any real meaning is lost. This is our reminder.


    Definition: adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty.

    Integrity is the quality that defines everything we do, making sure the quality of our work and service are always true to our word, we never sacrifice for short term gain.


    Definition: the fact or state of excelling; superiority.

    We are always in pursuit of excellence, going above and beyond with our service, achieving quality that redefines the standard, and ultimately allowing our clients to receive unparalleled value


    Definition: the quality or fact of being honest; uprightness and fairness.

    Honesty speaks for itself, we are only as good as our word, and we will always make sure our word is good. Whether its returning a phone call or finishing a job on time and on budget, we always follow through to make sure we meet our obligations true to our word.


    Definition: to watch over; be responsible for

    We take great pride in our service and our product, we care for every home as if it were our own and every client as if they were family, because we know that when we put our name on a finished product it becomes part of us, great care goes into making sure our work is of the highest quality and great care goes into making sure our product is maintained over the years and our clients are satisfied long after we are gone with courtesy inspections and custom tailored service plans. We build clients for life.


    Definition: a state of equilibrium or equipoise; equal distribution of weight, amount, etc.

    Life / Work balance is key in maintaining an optimum work environment, we put as much effort into making sure our employees are just as happy and fulfilled as our clients.

    The Golden Rule

    Above all, the ethic of reciprocity, otherwise known as The Golden Rule to us is the most important rule to live by, if not the only rule we live by.

World Class Painting and Finishes


"World Class was great.  They exceeded my expectations.  Friends and neighbors who visit are amazed at the quality of the work.  Other painters were slow, late and left early.  Past painters paid no attention to detail which was evident in their lack of prep work and inferior finish work. We already asked World Class back without hesitation!"

-G.Terassi | Franklin, MA