Setting The Standard

The World Class Process

What you can expect when you do business with us

Nothing compares to a World Class job. Over the years we have worked hard to develop the most comprehensive customer service in the area. We want to walk you through every step of the way, be involved in our process and keep you informed on our progress, and then take continue to care of you long after the job is finished. Below is a brief summary of what you can expect when you do business with us.


When you contact us. If you are new to us or are an existing client, upon contacting us by phone or email us we will always be here to answer your needs, whether you would like to schedule an estimate or address a concern, our staff is polite and courteous and you can rest assured there is always someone here to help you.

Scheduling an estimate. We understand you have a busy schedule, we always try to come out for a consultation the same day or the next day, giving you the fastest turn around time possible. If a same or next day consultation doesn't fit into your schedule, we also do consults on weekends if necessary, either Saturdays or Sundays, whatever works best for you.

Our consultation and diagnosis and estimate. At the time of our meeting, we address your concerns, look at the job and diagnose as necessary. Also at the time of our meeting we will provide you with our written proposal that outlines your concerns and the job needs in a step by step format, also included in our proposal pack is information on our standard practices for the specific job, our license and insurance information and of course our references.

Follow up meeting or phone call. After our consultation we will follow up with you on the next day, to answer any additional questions you may have come up with and whenever possible we schedule a follow up meeting in person.

Upon acceptance we schedule the work. Once we receive the accepted proposal, we will confirm the start date outlined in our proposal, if you need a different start date, we will coordinate with you what best meets your needs.

Start day. Upon the day of our start we will introduce you to our supervisor and crew, go over the job schedule again, outline our process and begin work.

Our working schedule. On most jobs we use crews of 3-4 workers including a supervisor who is on the job site full time. Our normal working hours are Monday through Friday 8am - 4pm. Although many times we have time sensitive jobs with limited windows, and our crews are available to work weekends or around the clock where permitted.

Job Etiquette - Our "No Footprint" Policy. Over the years we have developed what we call our "No Footprint" policy. The philosophy behind the No Footprint Policy is to have as limited of a presence as possible while at your house. Our work is always performed by polite, mindful and respectful professionals who will quietly work inside or outside your home treating it as if it were their own. Whether we are working inside or outside we go to great lengths to protect your belongings and property. We will never leave tools or trash at the job site, and while at times our job is messy, you can be sure our crews are immaculate. Once our work is finished everything is restored to its original condition with no trace of work being performed left behind, not a single paint chip in a flower bed, or a spec of dust on a bookcase, essentially leaving not a single footprint. A good job is all we will ever leave behind.

Daily Updates. We can't stress enough how important communication is to us. Through the process of the job we make a point of giving you daily progress reports, we want you to know what we plan on doing and what we accomplish each day, either brief in person meetings where applicable, or by phone or email summaries as to the status of our progress, where we are in the schedule and if there are any issues that need attention. By the end of the job we want you to be as familiar with our process as we are.

We Need Your Approval. Every job has specific milestones, whether we just finished removing all the paint from the outside of your house, or have just finished washing your windows, we have checkpoints where we take you around the job site, show you what we've done, and sign off on our work.

Job Completion. Just like our scheduled checkpoints, we will only call a job complete after your inspection, this ensures that you are not only completely satisfied with our work but we also get your stamp of approval. Also at the time of completion we will leave you with our World Class feedback questionnaire, and a short testimonial card that we ask you to fill out.

Custom Tailored Maintenance Plan. Homes require maintenance plain and simple. Whether you have just finished a remodel, painted the outside of your house, or re-stained a deck, there is always a degree of maintenance involve. Upon completion of every job we custom design our recommended maintenance plan for you. There will never be a question of what you need to do in order to maintain a job and keep it looking as fresh as the day we finished.

Follow up. After you have signed off on our job and everything is completed to your satisfaction, we always follow up with our clients 2 weeks after our finish day, just to make sure you are still ecstatic about our work.

Annual inspections. This is included in our service. If we paint the outside of your house, or build a deck for you we want to come by, with your permission, on a yearly basis and inspect our work again to make sure it is standing up as intended.

Restoration Dover Ma

"It was just what the name implies, World Class.  They were extremely diligent about their work and clearly took great pride in the finished product. World Class definitely met our expectations!  They far exceeded the work of past contractors.  I’ve never found any company that shares their talent, vision, work ethic or integrity!  I trusted their judgment and work ethics.  I told all of my friends and work colleagues about the quality of their work. I would hire them again in a minute!"

-R. Noble | Wellesley, MA.